Howard Dean (here, in case you forgot) got front page treatment with his op-ed on ranked choice voting.

This is good. Ranked-choice voting isn’t the answer, in my opinion, to the horrible system of choosing the people who write the rules that govern our lives. But, it’s better than what we currently have, and importantly, it’s at least something worth discussing.

The system we currently have will result in either Donald or Hillary becoming President. We say the system is broken, but it’s not. It’s just doing what it does – putting the person who wins the majority of votes (popular, electoral college, whatever, irrelevant) into the White House. The system is just doing what it does. It cannot doing anything otherwise.

What people mean when they say the system is broken is that they don’t like they system. They want a new system. Yes, we need a new system. So let’s talk about alternatives.

-JD Cross