Yes! Finally somebody else is at least entertaining the idea that performance enhancing drugs are a GOOD thing!

legalize doping.png

What do you mean…OF COURSE performance enhancing drugs are good. Performance ENHANCING. And yet, the world seems hellbent on eliminating them.

Look, if there are people who are willing to do crazy things to their bodies – things that laypeople and scientists can learn from and use to make everybody healthier – for large sums of money, why not let them? And as the author of the linked article points out, we do let athletes do some things, just not all things; it’s very arbitrary.

Here’s a great – albeit pragmatic – excerpt:

It’s possible that legalizing performance enhancers may be the most honest and efficient thing we could do to level the playing field for all and promote better health among athletes. It’s at least worth discussing.

Isn’t it about time we started to Evolve.

-JD Cross