As part of a dispute I had with a person I do not know, there is something inside of me that compels me (that is: I cannot let bygones be bygones, at least, not until I get an apology, something I fully expect never to come) to post graphs of employment numbers from time to time and point out the seasonal “V” shapes that appear.

So, here are your V-shapes for the past two years.

v shaped.png

Oh, you don’t see them either? Maybe that’s because they’re not there. And there are two very simple reasons why they’re not there. 1) because whatever shape(s) you might find in the graph is/are entirely the result of the x and y axis scaling. 2) because it is in no way clear what “V” shaped even means (it apparently does not mean something like the fit of y = A*abs(x)+B where A and B are specified even approximately. I don’t know why it doesn’t mean that…that’s a perfectly reasonable definition. Oh, wait, maybe it doesn’t mean that because that actually is a definition, and would prevent people from making silly claims about finding cute shapes in clouds).

-JD Cross