The NYT has this fairly trivial piece on Hilary Clinton’s polling numbers post-Emailgate. I know I’m nitpicking here, but this paragraph bothers me a lot:

This approach is misleading for two reasons. First, CNN gives its own poll too much weight compared with polling averages, creating a perception of decline in Mrs. Clinton’s ratings that could be a result of sampling error.

What bothers me most is that the article continues. Why does this bother me? Because if there is sampling error, then no other reason matters. The poll should be thrown out. Period. End of story.

Furthermore, the author suggests that there could be sampling error. Ok…but is there sampling error? Is this a baseless accusation? If we’re lining up a bunch of “coulds” for why the polling could be incorrect, then the article could go on for dozens of pages. This strikes me as ridiculously sloppy and poorly thought out.

Is there sampling error? Or not? That’s the real story.

-JD Cross