The Supreme Court is hearing an Obamacare challenge this week that – popularly, at least – is about four words.

Try to ignore for a moment how you feel about Obamacare and who should or should not be in the business of providing or requiring individuals to be insured. Instead, just think about what it means to write the actual language of what is indisputably the most important US regulation in this decade and of BO’s Prezidency.

Don’t you think that – as a writer – you’d be precise?

Don’t you think that you proof read it?

Don’t you think that you’d double check things? That you’d talk about things with your colleagues and spar a bit and debate what things might be interpreted one way or another?

Don’t you think that you’d make sure that there was ABSOLUTELY NO AMBIGUITY!

I have no sympathy for the NY Times editorial board’s argument. Those who drafted this bill f-ed up in a massive way. Shame on them. May they reap what they have sown. If individuals are harmed as a result (for example, by losing health insurance), then it is on the drafters and those who passed the bill. It is those individuals who were sloppy that ought to bear the burden of having failed in their duty as “public servants”.

-JD Cross