Eric Holder has just announced that state and local police departments are now barred from certain kinds of civil asset forfeiture. This is a GREAT day for freedom and justice.

Why is civil asset forfeiture so bad? Let the WaPo tell you:

Civil asset forfeiture is one of the most powerful — and unusual — law enforcement tools. Police do not need to prove a crime to use it, because it is a civil action against an object, such as currency or a car, rather than a person.

As a consequence, protections common in criminal law do not apply. In fact, owners who want to recover their cash or property generally must show it is theirs and demonstrate it is not tied to crime.

Theirs is an understatement. Because of the reasons they describe, civil asset forfeiture isn’t just powerful and unusual, it is extraordinarily unjust and wholly irrational. It is anti-justice.

-JD Cross