A reasonable, if not good, comparison of the nearly inevitable unbundling of the cable industry with the current state of affairs in the airline industry vis-a-vis a la carte menu options and consumer satisfaction.

I have always thought that the unbundling of fares in the airlines industry is a fantastic thing. It makes the real costs of traveling much more apparent and makes it possible for the consumer to spend money on only what they want. But most people seem to think it’s a bad thing; or, at least, they like to complain about it. I have never understood this.

Here is, in part, why I haven’t understood the complaints against a la carte airline pricing:

If you are short of money and will tolerate bare-bones flying experience — crummy seat, nothing to eat, locking your travel schedule far in advance — you are better off than ever before.

Nickel and dimed or not, the fact is that in the modern world we travel faster and better than the kings of yesterday.

-JD Cross