Movie theater chains bowed down to terrorism and then Sony caved, too. These were the wrong moves. However, in my estimation, the more despicable move is by BO in decrying what Sony and the theaters did.

BO exhorts,

“we can’t start changing our patterns of behavior”

Right, then, Mister Prez., explain what the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA are. Explain PRISM. Explain the National Terrorism Advisory System. There is no way that any of the aforementioned can be explained without an admonition that behavior has been changed as a direct result of terrorism.

There is perhaps no entity on the planet less morally justified in making exclamations against succumbing to terrorists than the US government. The US government nearly destroyed at least one industry (the airline industry) and has spent vast sums of money not fighting terrorists (though, the US government has spent vast sums of money fighting terrorists), but rather in CHANGING BEHAVIOR as a result of terrorism.

BO, your hypocrisy is revolting.

-JD Cross