George Will has a good article on Eric Garner but the real gem is Will’s quoting of Douglas Husak of Rutgers on the nature of legislation and legislators:

“Officials who fail to take into account the obvious fact that the laws they’re so eager to pass will be enforced at the point of a gun cannot fairly be described as public servants.”

Government is violence, which is precisely why it – government – must be kept as small as possible. Officials who legislate are always playing with fire; legislation grows government and in doing so increases the likelihood that violence is perpetuated by the state against the citizenry. Such is the nature of government. If so call public servants do not understand this – and nearly none do – then they cannot properly be called public servants. Rather, they are embodiment of destruction and evil.

Joseph Ivy understands this and does any politician who predominantly says “No”. Sheila Beal does not.

-JD Cross