Election 2014 yielded the worst voter turnout in 72 years.

So what?

It’s not obvious to me that this is bad. In fact, if the 36% of people (averaged across the national electorate) who did vote were representative of the population as a whole, then more people voting WOULD NOT HAVE MATTERED.

Two questions for people appalled by low voter turnout:

1) Why is having more people vote better?

2) Why is making it easier to vote better?

I can think of no compelling answers to either question*. Or, put differently, low voter turnout doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Actually, it makes me hopeful because maybe the reason people don’t vote is because they realize their time is more valuable than the time it takes to educate themselves about voting and then actually vote.

-JD Cross

* A compelling answer to question #1 might be: because it would make it more likely that the voting population is statistically representative of the total population. But this is not a priori true**, nor is there any reason (that I know of) to think that the voting population isn’t already statistically representative of the total population.

** More voters might simply mean a more skewed voting demographic relative to the total population.