Look, if you’re going to lodge a complaint against corporations for not paying enough in taxes, really what you should be doing is complaining that the government is somehow messed up. The government sets the tax rate and the loopholes, not the corporations*. Unless you’re making the case corporations are doing something illegal (which, incidentally, the IRS is not doing), then Uncle Sam bears all the blame.

So, remind me again who you hate? Government or corporations?

A complaint about corporate taxes is really a complaint about the government. There is no logical way around this.

-JD Cross

* – and don’t try to make some silly argument about corporate lobbying because that too is ultimately the government’s fault, not the corporations’. Lobbying happens because there is an incentive to do so. Typically what the¬†incentives are is that lawmakers change laws to benefit lobbyists. It’s the lawmakers who should be in the hot seat regarding lobbying, not the lobbyists. If government did less (of everything), then lobbying would largely stop happening.