George Will writes about a teeth whitening case that the Supreme Court will hear this week. Yes, it’s about teeth whitening. Yes, it’s important. Why? Because it’s really about the absurd and abused practice of occupational licensure. Occupational licensure, that would be the practice of a group of people banding together to create a government sanctioned monopoly. Oh, sorry for the redundancy, I meant, simply, a monopoly; as it is ONLY with government intervention that monopolies can exist in the first place.

Two teasers from Will’s article:

The [North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners], whose members are elected by licensed dentists and dental hygienists, regulates the practice of dentistry in North Carolina. To the surprise of no one acquainted with human nature, the board wields its power for the benefit of fellow members of the cartel of licensed dental practitioners.

and my favorite:

North Carolina’s dental board says it should be presumed to act in the public interest.

Yes, because we all know that there is no way a “dental examiner” – a human – would ever act against the public interest. Just like politicians always act in the public interest. WHAT EVEN IS THE PUBLIC INTEREST?

-JD Cross