NYC’s mayor is pleased that his children are doing unpaid internships in City Hall. Uh, minimum wage? I am fairly certain that this mayor is a staunch minimum wage supporter; probably he even is a “living wage” supporter, whatever that impossible to define concept means. And yet, his children are working for $0.00/hour.

But they’re learning valuable skills, you say. Uh, yes. That’s precisely why legally mandated minimum wages of all kinds are ridiculous: because there are lots of ways to compensate workers that are not necessarily financial. And when you do force financial minimums on compensation, you necessarily limit, reduce, or eliminate these other kinds of non-monetary compensation. In whatever form the worker is paid, the worker is worth X. Minimum wage laws necessitate that some or all of X is comprised of an hourly wage. And yet, we know that many people don’t care about financial compensation.

How do we know this?

Well, de Blasio’s kids are working for $0.00, so, yeah.

-JD Cross