Oregon’s Ron Wyden is so bent out of shape about tax inversion that he said this of the federal tax code:

“[it is a] rotting economic carcass that’s infected with chronic diseases like loopholes and inefficiencies”

I agree, though I disagree that corporate tax inversion is the biggest or even a moderately important part of the disease.

Regardless, my point here is to note that Senator Wyden would have been more accurate in stating that Congress is: “a rotting carcass that’s infected with chronic diseases like blowhards and inefficiencies”.

As the reporter points out in the concluding paragraph:

In the meantime, expect to hear the word “inversion” bandied about in the upcoming Congressional elections. Because nothing sways Midterm voters more than finger pointing over corporate tax evasion.

Yes – if Congress is good at anything, and perhaps it is the only thing they are good at, it is getting (re)elected.

-JD Cross