I often write about government spending as a mechanism for buying votes.

There are other ways of getting votes, not buying them, but manufacturing them. Here is an excellent article that describes how the current crisis at the border with Mexico is or could be* an attempt to manufacture votes by the Dems.

For the sake of this post and any commentary on it, ignore the commentary in the linked article. I only focus my attention on the notion that the immigration border crisis is a tool being used to manufacture votes.

As Rahm Emmanuel has said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Ah, the thinking of a master politician and altogether ridiculous human being.

-JD Cross

* – I am a little bit skeptical that it actually is an attempt to manufacture votes simply because it is a somewhat elaborate plan, the likes of which I doubt anybody in Washington has the intelligence or patience for. That being said, the one skill that politicians DO have is getting themselves elected.