There is an article circulating on my various internets from the NYT (linked here) about how quality and workmanship have deteriorated over time. It would be sad and disheartening if it were true. But it’s not true, so cheer up!

Basically everything that is made today is made better, faster, and at less expense and environmental impact than anything that was made in the past.

A short list of things that cross my mind that are way better today than in the past:


time home cover




Drums and drummers (to whom I owe credit for the title of this post; also, this car didn’t exist in the past and it does now.)


Grocery Stores – here and here

Phone-controlled house

and, to conclude, in the spirit of the ridiculous NYT article:

Road materials

Building materials

Also, think about things like computers, laptops, televisions, cell phones, and automobiles. Oh, yes, think about automobiles: when was the last time a person driving a relatively modern car which was up on its maintenance worried about breaking down on a road trip? Whereas in the past, auto mechanics lined all major thoroughfares because break downs were a fact of life for the typical long-distance motorist. Heck, even in my lifetime I have seen vast improvements in automobiles. No car that I have owned as an adult has ever broken down whereas probably every car that I grew up with broke down or failed to start at least once! We don’t know how to work on cars today BECAUSE WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW!

It’s all better. And it gets better every day.

-JD Cross