I’m making no judgements about Obamacare here, I just think this is an interesting article about the consequences of employer-offered health care in the era of Obamacare. Will employers continue to offer health insurance plans or will employees be pushed onto exchanges? This article tries to answer that question with some poll data and by talking to a few so-called experts.

The bottom line: nobody knows. This is pretty clear from the article: absolutely nobody knows what will happen and consequently what the effects on people’s lives, the economy, companies, and the health care system will be. This uncertainty – inherent in any complex system (and all systems that involve humans are complex) – it seems to me, would dictate not making laws. And yet, we seem to now live in a world where this is embraced – writing laws that certainly will impact people’s lives in profound ways, yet without having any idea what the impacts will be nor how severe the impacts will be. Yay, big government 😦

Cause and effect – here.

-JD Cross

PS: note that there is a profound difference between individuals or companies making decisions or establishing rules for which the consequences are unknown because of complexity and the government making laws for which the consequences are unknown. The difference is no more nor less profound than: freedom versus force.