These two things grow with each other, which is why government needs to be smaller and why any call to combat corruption and cronyism with more regulation is doomed to fail (in fact, not just fail, but produce exactly the opposite of the hoped-for result).

George Will points this out nicely here:

Obama’s tardy epiphanies do not temper his enthusiasm for giving sauropod government ever-deeper penetration into society. He thinks this serves equality. Actually, big government inevitably drives an upward distribution of wealth to those whose wealth, confidence and sophistication enable them to manipulate government.

Later, in the same article, he takes a nice jab (a well deserved jab) at the progressive mentality:

Obama’s solution to the problem of the 16 is to “consolidate” them, replacing 16 small subtractions from good governance with one big one. Progressives consider this progress.

-JD Cross