Here it is, the best:

A concrete complex of theaters, raised sky high on giant piers, the center may be the most absurd new building in years. It can bring to mind that famous Stonehenge gag from the film “This Is Spinal Tap,” in which a design for a rock concert stage-set mislabeled feet as inches — except the proportions here are reversed. People in charge complained to me about whole sections of unusable seats without views, ineptly designed stages, halls without dressing rooms, windswept plazas and staircases going nowhere.

The geniuses that are planning it all aren’t necessarily stupid (though they are certainly doing a bad job). No. It’s just that central planning is fundamentally inferior to dispersed, aggregate knowledge and action. That is, free markets win every time.

And don’t say that central planning would work sans corruption. Central planning can not exist without corruption. This is empirically true (see, for example, all of the 20th century) and it is quasi-axiomatically true – the nature of wielding power over others in a world where people interact is that rulers get manipulated, they broker deals, they help their friends and hurt their enemies.

-JD Cross