A funny and serious article about the death of Thanksgiving and the birth of Black Friday Eve

As the article points out, this is really an article about freedom and choice. And, naturally, since it’s about those things, it’s also about the market versus government control (which is to say, the arbitrary declaration of holidays which is what Thanksgiving was in the first place, as pointed out in the article). 

The concluding paragraph is spot on:

For the truly outraged there is always the option of staying home. No matter what Bill Simon or Brad Wilson say you don’t have to go to Walmart on Black Friday Eve (nee “Thanksgiving”). It is possible to ignore the rush and spend some quality time watching the Dallas Cowboys with your crazy in-laws. The death of Thanksgiving is the birth of choice. With stores open and offices closed Americans are officially free to do whatever they want on the fourth Thursday of every November.

-JD Cross