Individuals and corporations and non-profits can save the world, we don’t need government.

Bill Gates thinks Zuck is not going to do much by way of “saving” the world. Bill might be right, but that’s not my point in posting this article. My point in posting is to highlight that rich people are spending a lot of THEIR OWN money (that is: money that was not forcibly taken from them by government) to help other people. That their actions might be misguided or less effective than other actions is irrelevant. After all, how often does the government get it wrong? But when government gets it wrong there is usually no accountability and the reason that’s important is because it’s OUR money being wasted not Bill’s or Zuck’s. Even if you ignore the accountability aspect of government funding these kinds of projects (there is no need to confine your thinking to foreign aid, think about any government welfare program) you still have to wrestle with the fact that the government has taken money from some people (almost certainly against their will) to spend on something completely different. Think about the circumstance where the government spends money taken from A on a cause that A finds morally reprehensible. I find that morally reprehensible. So does Senator Ivy.

-JD Cross