Time has an article about how the Gang of 20 – the twenty women in the Senate – were a crucial force in getting a budget passed and ending the shutdown.

Near the end of the article, Murkowski is quoted as:

“We need to be pragmatic. This is not going to be a Republican solution or a Democratic solution. This is going to be a solution that is good for the country,”

“good for the country” – what does that even mean? Nobody knows, but it sure does sound good. The statement is meaningless because the country – a political construct comprised of many things, including over 300 MILLION people – can’t have anything that is “good for it”. If you assume that by the country what you really mean are those 300 million people, then the statement is obviously wrong: satisfying 300 million people with one budget is impossible; there is no way any legislation coming out of DC could be “good for the country”.

-JD Cross