AquaBounty is – seemingly – about to win approval from the FDA to sell its salmon. Its salmon are genetically modified to grow to full size in about half the amount of time as non-modified salmon. Pretty awesome. I hope they win approval. For the sake of the future of biotech awesomeness, they need to win approval.

Now, if you click the link above, you’ll find an article that is all about people who are against AquaBounty. The reason I post on this, using this particular article, is that the article shows an almost-market-based system working like a market should work: more or less without government intervention. Note the futility of a regulatory organization like the FDA given that the marketplace CAN and DOES boycott against this kind of technology. That is to say: the market IS fully capable of regulating itself.

We all should be rooting for AquaBounty. We need more genetically modified things – animals, plants, and people – not fewer. We need more awesomeness, not less.

-JD Cross