With the shutdown and debt ceiling impasse over – for a few weeks, at least – I have to ask: do you want more or less of this?

The answer to that question is fundamentally and inextricably linked to the question: do you want more or less government? (This is a question to ask of every level of government, but it is more important as the scope of government gets bigger. So it is most important to ask this question of the Federal government.)

If government controls less of our lives, permeates less of our lives, makes fewer decisions that profoundly impact our lives, then such shenanigans as we’ve just experienced will have less impact on our lives. Any kind of representative government will always have periods of “dysfunction” (though I would argue that it’s not really dysfunction since it is fundamental to the nature of representative government). So the real question is: how much do you want such periods of dysfunction to impact you? If the answer is anything like “very little”, then you must advocate for smaller government. There is absolutely no way around this. It is the nature of the beast.

-JD Cross