Yes, designer babies. As in: pick and choose the traits. Yes, awesome.

Of course it’s awesome and it shouldn’t be controversial; it’s a no-brainer. What decent parent-to-be would not want the choice to prevent as much as possible the possibility of their child having a genetic disease? Don’t we all want our children to be as smart as possible? as healthy as possible? as [insert positive trait here] as possible? as [insert negative trait here]-free as possible? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. We know this to be true based on how most parents – parents that would be called good parents – actually behave once their children are born. Designer babies makes the likelihood of success that much greater.

Noteworthy is that the opposition doesn’t really have anything meaningful to say, just bromides. Here is a typical anti response:

Marcy Darnovsky, of the Center for Genetics and Society, told the BBC that such a project would be “ethically and socially treacherous.”

No. No. No. Not advancing such a project is ethically and socially dangerous and we know this to be the case because we ALL WANT TO LIVE BETTER, HEALTHIER, LONGER LIVES!!! It’s the reason we condemn those who don’t get vaccines or vaccinate their children!

This topic, by the way, is essentially what the entire main plot of Evolve is about. If you like this post – or if you hate this post – read Evolve. It’s all there in much more detail.

-JD Cross