So the House is now proposing essentially what BO has already done for his crony business friends: delay the law for a year.

I find it wonderfully delicious that the House has decided to play the game essentially as BO has – let’s pick and choose what parts of the law are implemented. BO has already chosen to give his business buddies a break by delaying their need to comply for a year. Now, the House Republicans are proposing to offer the average man on the street the same luxury. Oh, but the Dems don’t like it. Say what? Yep, weird, I know. Not only is the House not doing anything the White House didn’t already do, but the roles are seemingly reversed. As I said, delicious.

Secondly, any of the kinds of criticism that are actually being made* of the House shutting down the government could equally well be made of the Senate if they don’t pass the House resolution. There is nothing that isn’t fully symmetric about the finger pointing that is going on in DC right now.

-JD Cross

* – there are other criticisms that could be made of any of the House, the Senate, or the White House that, because of the substance of the criticism, could not be directed at one of the other branches. The current criticisms are not of such a nature. It is fully within the House’s “right” as one of the branches of government – whose members are elected just as are those in the Senate and White House – to pass a bill even if it knows that bill has no chance in the Senate or White House. That it might do so – pass a hopeless bill – is no more its fault than it is the fault of those other branches that vote against it. This is the very nature of having a government of checks and balances and when nothing gets done…well, that’s probably for the best.