Here’s a critical commentary regarding Google’s foray into the “live forever market”.

The article, for me, represents a nice distinction between business and government (even though the author never discusses government), and makes very clear why – in a rational and properly constructed society – government should do as little as possible and business should do as much as possible. And why is that? Because, as the author suggests, Google’s shareholders can easily and immediately punish it for doing things they deem to be stupid. (Incidentally, you’ll note that Google’s shareholders did not, as a group, punish Google for Calico.) The retribution from shareholders can be and often is immediate. Not so with government. The process is long and slow and painful and the electorate pretty much never gets what they want. With business, however, if you don’t like Google (for example), then you just go to Bing or Yahoo! or whatever other little niche search engine you might be inclined to use.

-JD Cross