The WaPo reviews Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein’s book “The Sports Gene”. It’s a decent review of what sounds like a decent book.

Unfortunately, Epstein does not appear to come down in favor of doping or genetic manipulation to create the next generation of top athletes and medical advances. Rather, the review and the book reviewed seem to be very conventional. These authors write that people descendant from certain genetic stock have traits that make them more likely to succeed at some sports as compared to other sports or as compared to people descendent from less sport-specifically-useful genetic stock. This conclusion is pretty much obvious to anybody who observes the “genetic composition” of athletes in sports like basketball, football, and hockey.

We – humanity – need better humans. We need humans that live longer, are stronger, smarter, and better at not getting sick, getting hurt, and dying. And to achieve this goal we need genetic manipulation. We need to find the good and the bad (genes and epigenetic factors). We need to get rid of the bad genes and enhance the good ones. We could live forever. It all starts with letting baseball players and cyclists dope. It all starts with Evolve.

-JD Cross