Don Boudreaux has a nice quote of the day with an even better post-script on it.

Here is his setup:

a peculiar modern belief is that the same ordinary man or woman believed in the voting booth to be unquestionably capable of wisely choosing government officials is believed outside of the voting booth to be incapable of wisely choosing a refrigerator.

and here is his conclusion:

But in the voting booth – as in most political settings – not only does each chooser not bear any direct material costs, or receive any direct material benefits, from his or her actions, but each of us gets to have a say, for free, in the way that other people (most of whom are strangers to us) lead their lives.  [American Democracy is] a crazy system, one that survives in large part because people have romantic delusions about the nature of voting and collective choice.

These sentiments are echoed by – indeed, they informed those of – Senator Ivy.

-JD Cross