Jennifer Rubin writes in the WaPo about Hillary Clinton and it’s horribly beside the point. Rubin talks about all sorts of mistakes and problems that Hillary has to deal with if she’s going to run for Prez.

But Rubin is missing the point: what does it mean to be a competent (Rubin uses this phrase a lot in her article) politician? Um…nothing. At least, nothing of substance. It means, in the United States, that you are able to cow more people into voting for you than your opponent(s). Nothing more. Absolutely nothing more.

Failing in Libya; Failing in Syria; Failing at crony philanthropy (another Rubin phrase); these have nothing to do with the job description of a politician. A politician in the US need only get the most votes and then, if they want to keep their job, continue to get the most votes. This task – vote getting – has scarcely little to do with competence in any other endeavor.

-JD Cross