EJ Dionne writes one of his worst columns ever. It’s a horror show of confusion, absurdity, and internal contradiction.

He’s confused about what kind of government we have.

And will a small minority in Congress be allowed to grind decision-making to a halt?

Congress can and will (or will not) grind decision making to a halt entirely based upon how many people do or don’t vote for some legislation. That’s how it’s always been and how it always will be. Nothing about the present situation is different than at any time in the past. Hello? What planet are you writing about EJ?

It’s absurd because he refers to that “small minority” (more on this in just a moment) as the Armageddon Caucus. But they’re not the Armageddon Caucus. EJ: you’re the Armageddon Caucus. You’re the one claiming armageddon if this “caucus” gets their way in halting the passage of legislation with which they disagree. For them, they’re just doing what they think is right; and they’re doing what their constituents have tacitly (if not actively) approved of but voting them into office. EJ: it’s you and those like you who believe that life cannot possibly go on with small, smaller, or even a static government who believe that the Fall forebodes armageddon.

And finally, EJ apparently can not even count. His “small minority” – his wrongly-named Armageddon Caucus – is, in his own words in the same article “a group of fourscore or so House members”. That’s 80 (or so) people out of 435. That’s 18%. 18% is not a small minority. 18% if the difference between an A and a C. 18% is the difference between your phone battery looking normal and your phone battery warning you of impending dead battery armageddon. 18% is at least how much smaller (by any measure) I would prefer government to be.

-JD Cross