Virginia Postrel has a great commentary in Time on a recent Kickstarter campaign to create glowing plants by splicing a well known gene into the standard test plant, Arabidopsis. This was a cool – if cutesy – project that did get funded. But in the process of getting funded, it created a GMO controversy on Kickstarter that resulted in Kickstarter, unfortunately, changing its prize policy.

Virginia Postrel’s commentary on Kickstarter’s horrible policy change is best:


The truth is that the company has picked sides. Instead of maintaining a neutral forum or hiring enough staff to screen projects one by one, Kickstarter has chosen to pander to fearmongers. With its blanket prohibition, it has betrayed the technologists who embraced it, promoted it and accounted for some of its most successful and profitable projects. It may be happy to take their money, but it isn’t comfortable with their kind.


-JD Cross