Apparently the majority of people don’t think living longer is better.


Of course living longer is better. Living forever is best. This is what the entirety of Evolve is written for – that there might someday be a day when technology allows us to do whatever we want with our bodies, including live forever. We should be striving to live longer, better, healthier lives. Changing ourselves and the world around us to do so – live longer – is good. In fact, whether explicit about it or not, it’s what basically everybody does do every day of their lives. Living is not dying.

So who is it that thinks living longer is not good?

Respondents to the poll worry about how longer life spans would drain natural resources and harm the economy.

So there you have it: the environmentalist nut jobs are winning.

People, we will not run out of resources. Ever. And the more people there are to innovate the less depleting any resources we currently have matters. The only resource we might run out of is life. Especially if people continue to think that death is acceptable.

-JD Cross