The WaPo takes a Harris poll, widely cited by Republicans, to task for misleading statistics. Fair enough and correct enough.

But part of the WaPo’s argument is this:

we frequently warn readers they should always be skeptical of polls peddled by partisan organizations.

A reasonable warning…

Except that every organization is partisan! Organizations are made up of people and everybody has some personal angle on life, his job, the world, whatever. It is impossible not to be partisan whether one acknowledges it or not.

Scientists lie. Doctors cheat. The Church is corrupt. Everybody has something that provides a lens through which they view the world. Looking for the non-partisan source is naive. You have to look at what’s out there, you have to assess its validity, you have to try to understand the angle, and you have to independently verify and test counterfactuals. It’s hard, but it’s life. There is no non-partisan source.

-JD Cross