A Cornell University scientist is engineering new broccoli that is healthier and able to be grown in more climates. This is fantastic: tomorrow will be better than today for reasons both big and small.

Criticism? Of course. But here is a good response from a scientist involved in the research:

“Foodies, I don’t think they all understand there is nothing natural about farming, starting with tearing up the soil,” said Mark Farnham, a federal research geneticist in Charleston, S.C.

Indeed. This is the problem that anybody who think “natural” is an important, sacred, meaningful concept. Is anything that humans do – from the simplest acts of fashioning and working with primitive tools to the most complicated intellectual feats – “natural”? Where does one draw the line? There is no rational place to draw the line: humans are natural and everything they do is; Man must change his environment in order to survive.

-JD Cross