This guy writing in the Times thinks he has it all figured out: OWS is moving to the friendly skies. Airlines are treating passengers horribly, he believes, and there will be a revolution.

On a Web site called Flyertalk, I learned from a blogger just how close we are to class warfare in the sky. Disgusted by the grubby conditions on his flight, this Robespierre of the unfriendly skies invokes the French Revolution and warns: If you annoy “the salt of the earth enough, the rank and file and what have you, sometimes you wind up beheaded.” Let them eat Pringles.

Except that it all unravels in his conclusion, which he for some stupid reason thinks actually supports his abuse and revolution thesis:

At the end of my tour, I walked down the aisle past business (less gadgetry, but still a lot), past economy plus (more legroom), and to the vast acreage of economy, row upon row of empty seats that, in a few hours, would be filled with squalling babies, muscled guys in Bubba Gump T-shirts, girls in flamingo-pink tank tops, obese armrest hoggers, divorce lawyers jabbering on their cellphones before takeoff, women in spectacles reading “Wolf Hall,” Hasids, Pakistanis, Japanese — the melting pot of American coach.

Those people – the melting pot of American coach – would not have been on airplanes decades ago, during the “high point” of aviation. The middle class and poor have done just fine: today they can fly whereas yesterday they could not. Oh, and by the way, King Louis didn’t have airplanes or any comfortable way of traveling…so pretty much everybody in the developed world is, today, better off than any king ever was. How’s that for upward mobility?

-JD Cross