Sometimes there is a story behind the story. Whenever I believe that the story behind the story is that the story is stupid, I usually spend at least a little time investigating. Like with this story about Walmart potentially “costing” taxpayers about $1M per store in the form of low-wage workers “taking advantage” of government welfare programs.

Never mind all of the absurdities of the claim that WMT could be “costing” tax payers money because of government programs that it is not responsible for and for which any person can use (and those people would, presumably, use no matter where they worked; and wherever they worked they’re going to be making basically the same as they make at WMT…that’s called the market).

Instead, just focus on the claim that WMT is “mooching” off tax payers. I think that word – mooching – means something like that WMT is getting more than they give. But they’re not. Even if you accept the highly dubious number of $1M per store in government benefits going to WMT employees in that store, you look at how much WMT pays in taxes. Low and behold, it’s almost exactly the same as if you take the # of WMT stores and multiply by $1M. At worst, it’s break even. WMT is not mooching. It’s providing jobs at market clearing rates to millions of people and selling products at market clearing prices to millions of people.

Think, people. You have to think!

-JD Cross