BO is GW. To all who voted for him: this is majority rule politics. To win on the national stage you have to be as average as possible and that makes any winner more or less the same. To think otherwise is delusional. There is nothing noble about this business of ruling over and controlling the lives of other people.

On the surveillance issue, I can’t help but think that everybody who once held BO up as a savior absolutely must be profoundly disappointed. BO claimed to mightily oppose all of GW’s efforts to spy on Americans and foreigners. Once elected, BO backed those efforts and expanded them. BO’s former boss makes a profound understatement:

University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey R. Stone, who hired Obama to teach there and advised his 2008 campaign, said some might have engaged in “wishful thinking” by assuming Obama was more liberal on the issue of personal privacy than he really is.

To think that anybody who can win the Presidency is anything other than completely average (and therefore completely the same) is (delusional) wishful thinking. That Stone understates this is just him trying to save face: all who stood behind BO and continue to stand behind BO are just flat out wrong. There’s no sugar coating it – this if an ‘F’ performance (in terms of BO being the liberal savior everyone thought he would be).

That’s why for all of the “life imitates art” moments of Evolve, its conclusion will forever be fiction.

-JD Cross