Fancy that: some business owners believe that as business owners they ought to have some control in what their business does.

It’s about freedom, and the government taking away that freedom. It’s not about access to contraception; these employers do not have monopoly control of jobs, so the employees can readily leave if they do not like what kind of insurance options the employer offers. Furthermore, it’s not as if contraception is itself being made illegal or unavailable or in any way more difficult to obtain. (And if you want to make some kind of argument about the cost of contraception being prohibitive and thus in some way limiting access, then there are any number of counter arguments to levy in response, one of which starts by noting that food also costs money and we’re not arguing about that fact somehow limiting people’s access to food.)

Note that another solution (for potential employees, not existing employees) would be to allow employers to ask questions about an employees sex life before hiring the employee. But this is also illegal.

One can only hope that the courts will do what Congress failed to: destroy Obamacare.

-JD Cross