Joe Klein writes in Time this week about courage.  He’s making the observation that special interest groups wield a disproportionate amount of power. This is pretty straightforward and correct and an emergent order of the kind of democracy we have in the United States (coupled with an overall weakening of the Constitutional limitations on government).

Klein argues, weakly and somewhat indirectly, that as a consequence of the power that special interest group wield we need to hope for courageous politicians.


We could start to limit what government can do. Special interest groups only have power because government has power. Take away the ability for government to control our lives and there becomes nothing left to lobby.

We can hope for courageous politicians, who might come, who might do what we want, who might courageously do the opposite, and who – even if they do come – will eventually leave; or, we can just fix the problem entirely by crippling government, limiting government, by reigning it in.

Senator Ivy is courageous in that he does limit government. And that courage will endure long after he leaves office.

-JD Cross