Naomi Klein quoted on Cafe Hayek:

This charge – that corporations own customers – is another example of the lie that freedom is slavery.  We are free to make choices, however.  Insisting upon anything else demeans us.  It is because we are free that corporations need to seduce us.  Logos exist, therefore, not because corporations are strong, but because they are so weak.

Does that seem Orwellian? Well, it’s not. It’s reality. As a small business owner, I know it to be true – the consumer has ALL the power. As a consumer, I know it to be true – logos and advertisements are obnoxious reminders that I have money that other people want; or, they are welcome pieces of information educating me about a product/brand that can solve a problem I have; either way, I am the one the corporation is after because I have many choices.

-JD Cross