Some cool videos at of your kitchen blender and cavitation.

Cavitation is an interesting phenomenon, one that grants the diminutive pistol shrimp the ability to create gas bubbles nearly as hot as the sun with its claws; it is also in competition with the much larger sperm whale for the loudest sea creature.

Here is also a very important paragraph from the article, a quote from the scientist behind the work (though you might think the quote attributable to RP Feynman):

Young hopes his open-source approach to what he calls empirical cooking will jumpstart discussions on what scientific principles might be involved in particular recipes. “By giving that explanation, you start to get a discussion of other ways you might do it to improve it, and that fosters innovation and creativity,” he said.

The more things in nature that we can explain, the richer nature becomes and the more able we are to command it to do what we want.

-JD Cross