This article has baptists and bootleggers written all over it*. Can you find it?

Here’s one instance:

Because commercial establishments are already required to perform [background checks], an expanded background check requirement probably would increase traffic and business for licensed dealers.

Uh huh – if group A has to abide by law A but group B (engaged in largely the same activity as group A) does not, of course group A is going to support expanding law A. Kill you competitors not through better business practices, but through legislation. This is exactly what happens to the pharmaceutical industry in Evolve, Part 2: Incentives

Any other instances in the above article? Have fun.

-JD Cross

* – note that I’m not saying the law – background checks –  is good or bad. I’m posting this as an exercise: in order to be able to think clearly about the world one needs to practice thinking clearly about the world. This article – find the baptists and bootleggers – offers a textbook example.