Amgen lobbied hard and received a massive kickback in the recent fiscal cliff bill. This is how Washington works. It works in no other way; you’re kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. Also note that in doing what has been done – exempting Amgen’s drug from cost cutting measures – the Congress has done two other significant things: 1) it has undermined the fiscal future of Obamacare (already on shaky ground), and 2) it has done something that Senator Ivy maintains government always does: produce budgets that get busted because they inevitably grow larger than originally planned.

The solution is NOT restricting lobbying. Not only would that be unconstitutional, but it wouldn’t work. The solution is restricting government. Take away the ability for government to do most of the things that it does and then there becomes no financial (or other) incentive to lobby.

Note that the story above is virtually exactly told in numerous scenes throughout Evolve, as Senator Beal expands and consolidates her power.

-JD Cross

Thanks to Mungowitz for posting.