Russ Roberts’ final Numbers Game installment with John Taylor is available. It’s a good video. Russ is trying a new format for conveying complex economic, financial, and political information. I’m not sure he’s totally figured it out yet, but he’s trying, he’s innovating. He’ll get it. And regardless, what he’s got is good.

For a great tie-back to Evolve just think about all the pages of regulations that aren’t written. They talk about Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. These laws STILL aren’t written. It’s like the SAFE Act and the HEAL Act. The laws are passed unwritten and years later they are still unwritten. There’s so much uncertainty. These guys in Washington are essentially kings. They’ve passed laws that can be whatever they want them to be. It’s disgusting. It’s frightening. And economically, it’s paralyzing.

-JD Cross