Thanks to Mungowitz for bringing this to my attention.

The Occupy movement was many things to many people but had at its core a few key “desires”. The Occupy movement was, by and large, about using force (the force of The State) to take from some (usually the target was the rich or corporations) and give to others (usually the recipient was “the less fortunate” or college kids who majored in the fields that don’t really have any useful outputs).

Funny then that now The State is cracking down on protests. Unintended (but predictable) consequences

As Mungowitz always points out, The State IS violence. It can be and is nothing else. Sometimes you can get it to work for you. Sometimes it works against you. Anybody who believes that the beast can be controlled is just crazy. The State cannot be controlled. The only solution is to shrink it.

-JD Cross