I write a lot about how private charity works. People help each other voluntarily. The government is not needed.

Suppose you don’t believe that this is true. Suppose you don’t believe that people help each other and that government is needed to forcibly take money from people and give it to others so that, for example, those needy others won’t go hungry, without shelter, without medical care, and so on.

Well, then…this quote from Don Boudreaux:

“If it’s crazy to believe that individuals will selflessly contribute adequate amounts of money to a voluntary fund — that is, selflessly avoid the opportunity to free-ride on others — it’s just as crazy to believe that people will selflessly refuse to vote themselves benefits to be paid for by faceless others.”

Put another way: the “logic” that leads to a conclusion that private charity does not work DOES also lead to the conclusion that government will be corrupt (of necessity, of its very nature).

-JD Cross