Straight out of Dune, a startup is attempting to create a self-filling water bottle.

If successful, this would be yet another example of scarcity and innovation leading to non-scarcity*.

We won’t run out of oil. We won’t run out of water. We won’t run out of anything (that is useful). The end of the world is not upon us. Things just keep getting better and cheaper and more abundant. Paul Ehrlich, where are you? Oh, right…thoroughly debunked.

-JD Cross

* – by non-scarcity, here I don’t mean that a particular resource is no longer scarce. All resources are scarce (this is a reasonable definition of a resource…or of scarcity). But most people only use the term scarce to denote something that is particularly expensive (typically because it is hard to acquire). By non-scarcity this is what I mean: rendering something that is expensive (hard to acquire) less so.