Guantanamo is open for business, an unlawful war was waged in Libya, Americans have been assassinated by us – the US – , and there are these contradictions, offered up by George Will:

“Two economic themes of Obama’s campaign have been that outsourcing jobs is sinful and that he saved GM, which assembles 70 percent of its vehicles on lines outside America. He thinks that ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cause unemployment but may understand that buying an iPhone involves outsourcing to China the jobs of assembling it. Although his campaign slogan is “Forward!” he evidently wants America to compete with China in the manufacture of T-shirts and toasters. His third economic theme — that he will “invest in” (spend on) this and that — has been inaudible amid the clatter of crashing companies he has invested in.”

Can the same litany of abuses be documented for Mittens? Yes. Maybe. Since he hasn’t done anything as Mr. President, it is hard to say. But it’s also not really my point. My point? That BO was supposed to be different. He was supposed to be a savior. Instead, we have found out that he is, surprise, surprise, just a man; and a particularly loathsome one at that.

-JD Cross