Mark P alerts us to this story about double standards in Florida classrooms. So I guess this is what counts as fairness these days?

Question: If you’re an employer and you know that an ‘A’ for an Asian student is different than an ‘A’ for a Hispanic student, how do you decide who to hire given that you cannot “discriminate”? Answer: You can’t; at least, not in any rational way (or in any way that isn’t likely to get you arrested). Affirmative action, double standards, “fairness”, whatever you want to call this, it creates cognitive dissonance (destruction) for everybody – student, teacher, employer – alike.

Question 2 (Mark P’s question): Isn’t this policy essentially the same as race-based admissions policies at colleges and universities? Answer: Yes. To condemn one is to condemn the other; yet, it seems that many people probably try to support one (race-based admissions, that is, affirmative action), while denouncing the other.

Come on people, it’s called reason, figure it out.

Alternatively: anything that anybody in government (particularly on the left) calls ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’…run. Run fast and run far and don’t look back. Anything with a label anything remotely resembling ‘fair’ is a cognitive mine field.

-JD Cross